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First of all make sure you have TouchOSC available on your Mac or PC, see download options at the TouchOSC website

Download a PC/Mac TouchOSC template for the BB-L and BB-LH midi controllers here:

Short instructions on how to use the template:

  1. Open the template in TouchOSC on a device
  2. Change the midi message ‘channel’ and ‘controller’ settings into the correct values matching the settings of your controller
  3. Make sure in the connections-tab in TouchOSC you have checked the connection with your midi controller
  4. Press the play-option in TouchOSC and check out if everything works well

I don’t have detailed instructions on how to use TouchOSC as there are a lot of those already on YouTube. Make sure to check them out. See also below for a quick crash course!

General instructions on how to use TouchOSC and how to make easy connections between your laptop/desktop pc and a mobile or tablet version of TouchOSC, see videos below.

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