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General information

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Manual / Support

There is no dedicated manual for the midi controller. That is because the midi controllers are basic and fully midi compliant. Most of the setup therefore needs to be done either in the configurator (see topic lower on the page) or in the vst, software, synth or other device you’re using it with.

For the configurator more information can be found on this page. Also see lower on this page for more information on various other topics.

Technical Specifications

Size121x94x30mm (depth X width X height)
ConnectionMicro-USB (Free cable is included)
PowerVia Micro-USB

The Micro-USB always needs to be connected to a power-source, even when using the MIDI DIN connection.
ProcessorRaspberry Pi
Type of Controls12x Potentiometer (fixed reach)
8x Black Mini Arcade Button
Control KnobsPotentiometers have T18 6mm (flower / plum / splined) knobs which are optional. Available options are:- No Knobs
– Black Knobs
– Mix of various colors Knobs
Control ButtonsOnly black mini arcade buttons are available.

LED buttons are being investigated and might be added as an option later.



A video of this controller will be added asap.


Explanation how to do it (link to general guide). Thumbnail Photo / Version / Information and Downloads will follow asap.

Configurator / Setup

The setup of the controller can be configured via the online configurator at: For all features of the midi controller that can be changed in the configurator see

For a general introduction see the use the general OpenDeck configurator post on this website.


The configuration is different per version of the controller. If you experience any issues which the above information cannot solve, then please contact me via

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